The maze is a horrible place to be.  It’s walls can overtake you and make you feel as though you are being suffocated.  “The Maze” is a psychological state that you enter when someone has “wronged” you.  In the maze the person that “wronged” or upset you becomes your obsession.  You think about them and you fall deeper and deeper into the maze.  You may curse them or argue which in turn deepens the maze, it’s walls get larger and it is hard to find your way out if you take your eye off the light.  In this state, the other person becomes your jailor, trapping you in a maze of your own repetitive negative, wall building thoughts.

When you feel as though you are slipping into the maze you have two options: slip in or fight for the light.  Once you are in the maze you are warped; you forget the good of the other person, you loose perspective and become clouded.  When you are in The Maze, life passes you by.

The way to get out of the maze is to hold onto a glimmer of light.  Fight for the light.  The light is your way out of the maze.  When you fight for the light you can only seek the answers from within.  Asking others their opinion may soothe you short term but it will not get you out of The Maze.  You must look within yourself and reflect on the “wrong doing.”

If find that when I ask for help my inner voice guides me to the light.   The light enables you to see windows in the walls of the maze.  The windows are opportunities.   People, situations, lack of communication, many things can create a maze that you can easily slip into.  Repetitive negative thought raises the walls and traps you deeper in. You’ve heard it before look for the positive in everything and everyone.  Sometimes it is hard to find the positive – but you’ll find that if you do look within and seek the positive you will stay out of the maze and open many, many windows.

May putting a name to this psychological state enable you to notice it immediately, thanks to “The Tools.”  KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE: You have the strength to stay out of the maze!

“The Maze” is a term referenced in the book entitled, “The Tools” by Barry Shultz and Phil Stutz.  The Tools is an awesome book.  The phrase “seeing walls” comes from the book You’re Stronger Than You Think by Dr. Les Parrot.