You are smart.  Choose to be happy.  You are strong.

At SMART.HAPPY.STRONG. we believe that in order to be successful at anything the success must start in your head. This is the belief system of Pitaiyo’s SMART.HAPPY.STRONG. Youth Empowerment program and workshops.

The Pitaiyo SMART.HAPPY.STRONG. workshops and camps are for ages 5-8, 9-13, and teen is a combination of exercise, team building, leadership and empowerment.

It is a goal of Pitaiyo to encourage positive self belief to many children as possible. During PITAIYO’s SMART.HAPPY.STRONG. workshop children are exposed to the benefits of the exercise and the positive mindset through self confidence.  Pitaiyo is an acronym for Put It Together All In Your Orbit. In the workshop children learn that they can live a positive healthy life just by making good choices. We positively empower kids to believe in themselves and know that they are SMART.HAPPY.STRONG.

SMART.HAPPY.STRONG. attendees will learn how to physically strengthen their body by performing yoga poses, tai chi moves and pilates core exercises. They will strengthen their minds through positive affirmation, nutrition eduction, and the SMART. HAPPY. STRONG. chant.

It’s time to remind your children that they are SMART.HAPPY.STRONG. and for them to believe it. To organize your interactive Pitaiyo seminar call Alex at 804-833-8303 or email her at

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