finding the "it"


I compare PITAIYO™ and it’s depth to that of my recent Yogaville experience.  In yoga and in all it’s beauty the practitioner is welcome to do just yoga or dive deeper and live within the eight limbs of yoga.  True yoga is a derivative of the Hindu religion when the eight limbs are practiced, yet we must not be overwhelmed by yoga and all that it can encompass.

The PITAIYO™ Instructor trainings have had to be trimmed in recent years.  Just like that of other yoga specific trainings.  For example: you can attend a weekend training through Yogafit and learn the basics; mountain pose, triangle pose and how to create a flowing practice.  Through Yogafit, PITAIYO and any other exercise trainings you have the option to deepen your practice, sharpen your skills and learn more about the discipline.  You can also submerge yourself in a week or 6-month training to see how deep the yoga practice can go like those offered at Yogaville.  This is really the truth in all we do.  You can skim the surface or go deeper.  That is the beauty of life; we have choices.

Trying to explain the “it” in PITAIYO’s acronym: PUT IT TOGETHER ALL IN YOUR ORBIT used to leave me tired.  I have discovered through maturity and practice of Christian and Yogic beliefs that people will get it, instructors and PITAIYO practitioners, when they are ready.  One that practices PITAIYO can choose to skim the surface and attend a class or two a week; or they can dive deeper and work towards their it.

If you want to go deeper climb the ladder and walk to the end of the board …. and read on


What is the “IT” in Put it together all in your orbit?
PITAIYO™ is a holistic approach to life fitness. PITAIYO™ encompasses a fun structured dynamic performance system to body/mind wellbeing suited to beginners through elite athletes. “It” references two ideas.
  1. “IT” is an action, what you need to do; the other meaning of PITAIYO™ is something to achieve (you must do an action to cause a reaction to the action).
  2. “IT” is the result (the reaction) of Pitaiyo. The result of PITAIYO™ is: positive mindful thought and actions, and enhanced body composition.

Your orbit is where you are physically and mentally. PITAIYO™ gives you the enthusiasm to get to where you want to be. In order to get to where you want to be you have to be mentally ready for the physical to take place.PITAIYO™ offers wellness to the beginner and enhanced sport performance for the elite athlete. “It” could vary from day to day. Today you may be searching for relaxation, or perhaps today you feel like working as hard as you can.
“It” the sustainable level you are aspiring to which makes PITAIYO™ unique and perfect.