There is a saying; you can’t practice yoga in Pitaiyo and leave be mean, yell at your employees or family and cheat on your taxes and lie.  No to live by the Pitiayo methodology you must be mindful.  Mindfulness is tough when you do not practice.  I was able to practice mindfulness (awake) for 32 hours at Yogaville in Buckingham, Virginia.

I wanted to “check out” of my daily tasks and thoughts to “check in” with myself.  This morning I find myself mentally going back, which I am sure I will do often, and continue to do with practice.  This morning I’ve thought about the breakfasts served at Yogaville: yogurt, fruit, potatoes, whole grain breads, oatmeal, wheat barley, organic cereals with a selection of almond, soy or rice milks.

I’d like to continue my practice of meat and somewhat dairy free diet.  It will be hard considering my mom has a flock of chickens and my household has a freezer full of organize red meat.  Despite my fortunate food obstacles I want to give, giving up meat a try. Hence “meet potatoes.”  I like challenges of all types, mental, physical, food related, etc.  This will be my little challenge; meeting potatoes.

Breakfast was a healthy 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 2 tbs chopped pecans and 1 tbs raisins and 1/2 cup of blueberries.  While I ate my oatmeal I searched the pantry for vegetable stock to make a batch of cauliflower soup, found some!  I used too much water in the stock so I had season with parmesan – there goes giving up dairy!  Mornings at the Ashram were filled with tea, I wanted coffee this am, and feeling like I had personally rung the chickens neck, by drinking coffee (at the Ashram caffeine is considered a drug, by some), I was not being disciplined, and in my mind I was not only eating the chicken but killing it.   I did however not use my sugar free french vanilla coffee creamer – I instead used almond milk and stevia, the coffee did not taste as good – it will be easier to give up tasting like this.

So why vegetarian – it’s part challenge, part test to find out if my skin clears up and if my mind can clear up to.  Mouth > meet potatoes!

Meet Potatoes