Hold an ice cube in your hand and at first it is easy to handle. As the ice cub melts in your had so does the pain of the freezing temperature of the ice. Hold on to the ice. Do not put the cubes down.

Keeping the ice in your hand will symbolize a situation that will arise that has you feeling pain, unease and in search of a way to abort! Hang in there. Feel the ice. It is cold yet manageable.

This ice experiment called ICE ICE BABY proves that you can endure just enough pain to enable a breakthrough. Too many people drop the ice, or an uncomfortable task too soon.

You can handle the ice, you can handle the task.

Push through once and it is difficult.

Push through again and it is easier.

A thrid time and the ice memory is yours to help you with all things that appear difficult. Your situation melts, not you!