I have a dream.

This week it’s nose to the ground serious dream catching.  This week anything is possible… beyond your wildest dreams.

Today.  Now.  Write down your dream or dreams (why only have one).  I’m building a new house so I am dreaming of patios and planters.  My landscaping dreams are combination of what I have seen in life and in books or magazines.   If I didn’t keep investigating landscaping ideas from all over the world I might overlook a design that fits perfectly.  Use this same idea in your life.  Your reality is based on your beliefs, what you know.  This week expand your reality – step out of your normal.  Investigate new things, expand your horizons.  Perhaps you are dreaming of weight loss, financial freedom, more love, or self-control.  What ever you want you can have.  That sounds amazing (and a little woo woo) doesn’t it!  It’s true.  What ever you want you can have.  It’s not the American Dream.  It’s our human ability to dream and catch our dreams.  This week be deliberate in your dreams and catching your dreams.  Deliberate means committing to what it takes to get what you want.  Let’s say you want weight loss.  This week you are hard core in eating clean, no crap from a conveyer belt.  No excuse or thoughts of “I deserve this” doughnut, cocktail, loaf of bread.  MLK had a dream and he went for it.  A quote I heard this week fits perfectly into this weeks “I have a dream” affirmation: I can have faith and move forward or I can stay in one place in doubt and fear.  Mantras are words or quotes repeated over and over again.  If you need a push have faith and move forward.  Moving forward, making decisions, living out dreams is what it feels like to be alive – really alive.

So what do you want?  What is your dream? Create the possibility of anything.

Here’s how.

First write down on paper what you want.  Get it out of your head and on to black and white.  Next, write down the steps to get to what you want.  Car, girl, more money, write down the steps to get from dream to reality.  Not sure the steps, google how to or on the MLK public holiday get to your local library.  Do one thing daily to get to closer to your dream.  Imagine.. one more time.. that you are on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial overlooking the reflecting pool and thousands of people declaring your dream…. imagine if you had that many people knew your dream… share what’s in your head – you just might get to your dream faster than you thought humanly possible.  Think of your dream as a project.  Ask yourself every day… what do I know to do….

Don’t procrastinate….

Today we celebrate MLK’s birthday.  He had a dream what’s yours?