What is Pitaiyo?

Pitaiyo is three exercise disciplines in one class: Pilates, tai chi and yoga. Pitaiyo uniquely fuses movement fitness, psychology of sport and living self awareness. It is singularly dedicated to be an enduring force toward achieving a lifestyle of personal balance. Pitaiyo is spiritual and physical. It is the only class of its nature that promotes, daily, a healthy lifestyle. Pitaiyo continuously strives to motivate goal extension. Pitaiyo is whole-body conditioning. Pitaiyo Instructors lead students through an 16 step series, each of which can be performed at four levels of intensity and multiple planes of movement. Pitaiyo classes are choreographed and accompanied by a wide variety of music styles.

Pitaiyo is an acronym for: Put It Together All In Your Orbit. Orbit is defined as a particular environment. In Pitaiyo we refer to the orbit as someone’s lifestyle. We want people to know that Pitaiyo is more than an exercise regime. It is a way of life, a way to recognize that we all are in control of what we put in or take out of our orbit.

It and Orbit Defined

What is the “It” in Put “it” together all in your orbit? “It” is a holistic approach to life fitness. “It” encompasses a fun structured dynamic performance system to body/mind wellbeing suit to beginners through elite athletes. “It” references two ideas.

      “It” is an action, what you need to do; the other meaning of “It” is something to achieve (you must do an action to cause a reaction to the action).

“It” is the result (the reaction) of Pitaiyo. The result of Pitaiyo is: positive mindful thought and actions, and enhanced body composition.

Everyone is going to get something different from Pitaiyo. The beginner is typically interested in wellness, whereas the elite athlete is interested in sport performance enhancement. Your mind, body, spirit response to Pitaiyo could vary from day to day. Today (as a practitioner) I may be searching for relaxation, or perhaps today I feel like working as hard as I can. That is the glory of people defining their ‘it’ the instructor is aware of people doing a Pitaiyo class for their own reason. Pitaiyo enables you to get in tune with yourself to know when and how to push yourself to challenge yourselves. Pitaiyo Instructors provide a positive environment for you to safely push your mind, body and spirit limits to reach whatever “it” is you are aspiring too.

“Orbit” is the sustainable level you are aspiring to.

Your orbit is where you are physically and mentally. Pitaiyo gives you the enthusiasm to get to where you want to be. In order to get to where you want to be you have to be mentally ready for the physical to take place.

Let’s enjoy this ride called life by incorporating the Pitaiyo workout & lifestyle.