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Become A PITAIYO Instructor

To become a Pitaiyo instructor, you must have passion: a passion to help others by teaching them not only great exercise, but also tips to live a better life.

The first format you must learn is Beginner: Level 1. The Beginner training is a two day course. Day one consists of a Master Class, principles, history, anatomy, video analysis and hands on correcting.  On day two you will be tested on your form, memorization of the Pitaiyo series, Pitaiyo philosophy and principles. A passing test core of 80% must be obtained to start teaching community service Pitaiyo classes.  Once you have taught your eight practice classes you will ready to be evaluated by a Pitaiyo Master Trainer. The community service classes are to be taught to a minimum of three participants. You are not to be paid for these classes and you are to state that you are a “Pitaiyo Instructor in Training.”

After completing eight community classes within three months of your training date you are ready to submit your video or in-person evaluation. You will find out within one week if you have passed your final evaluation or if you must re-submit.

Upon completion of your evaluation, you will receive your Beginner Training Certificate. Once you have passed Beginner Level 1 with flying colors, you are then ready for Level 2. Level 2 is a one day course, no tests, just lots of hands on practice. After Level 2, you may take the Level 3 Props and Power training.

  • Level 1 prepares you to teach an amazing Intro and Beginner Class
  • Level 2 prepares you to teach an awesome Signature and Xpress Class
  • Level 3 prepares you to teach a Power Class which includes plyometrics, Tabata and high intensity interval training (HIIT)

In order to teach a special population class: Kids, Senior, Water, Pre- and Post-natal, you must take the Beginner Level 1 Training.  The PITAIYO method is a journey and a life changer.  We only want committed, passionate, self-motivated people teaching this method of exercise.  We invite you to join the fun and be a part of a new mind and body revolution.

To find out about upcoming PITAIYO trainings, contact Alex Kelly-Maartens by email at We look forward to hearing from you!