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Pitaiyo boutique storefront Fredericksburg VA
The PITAIYO mind & body boutique is located in historic downtown Fredericksburg. It’s a comfortable place where you can take classes, relax, and find Pitaiyo lifestyle apparel and accessories. Stop by and see us!

1006 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA

(540) 412-8366

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Pitaiyo uniquely fuses movement fitness, psychology of sport and living self awareness. It is singularly dedicated to be an enduring force toward achieving a lifestyle of personal balance.

Pitaiyo is spiritual and physical. It is the only class of its nature that promotes, daily, a healthy lifestyle. Pitaiyo continuously strives to motivate goal extension, and it is intended to deliver whole-body conditioning.

During each class, Pitaiyo Instructors lead students through an 11-step series, each of which can be performed at four levels of intensity and multiple planes of movement. Pitaiyo classes are choreographed and accompanied by a wide variety of music styles. And best of all, they’re fun!

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